Wednesday 21 October 2009

Nail polish haul from Sweden!

Been a tad busy with my mum and dad coming over to stay for a week but I got a quick update for you with some Swedish Depend nail polish. This is from left; 69, 167, 34, 170, 169, 173 and 104.

I love Depend, they're sooooo cheap but still very good - and perfect for a quick fix :) Shame we don't get them in Britain and I have to rely on my myopic mum to try and read the numbers on the back :)

#173 is a really dark bottle green creme, sort of a really dark version of Illmasqua "Rampage".

I finally got to IKEA this week and I got myself a "Helmer" filing cabinet in white among other things, so I am off to assemble this thing now, then spend the rest of the day organising my nail polish :D


Anonymous said...

LOL at the brand name.
Here in the colonies the "depend" brand is for adult diapers.
I think the Swedes have a better usage.

Lina-Elvira said...

Bill - oh dear! :) I always felt this brand should be re-named to "Dinky Pinkies" or something...

Lucy said...

That's just what I need, a Helmer or two! I hope you show all of your collectin. Nice polishes you bought.