Sunday 25 July 2010

NOTD: Models Own "Magenta Devine"

Finally a NOTD you say! Yep, this holiday has flown past sadly, and I am back to work tomorrow. Never mind! This is 3 coats of this magenta shimmer. It's surprisingly sheer for such a dark polish. I will see how it wears, I am not convinced of the Models Own formula... We will see! It is not as reddish as you can see in the photo, I am still struggling with finding a good photo spot...

Saturday 24 July 2010

Busy, busy!

Hello everyone, I am not dead, nor have I fallen out of love with beauty products and nail polish. I have finally moved back home after the flooding - here is my new fireplace!

I will do a nice Models Own NOTD for you all tomorrow when I got back to work after a week off trying to move home!

Saturday 17 July 2010

Random stuff...

Spent most of the day cleaning the nearly-finished house so we can move boxes of our belongings tomorrow. I then discovered an aphid infestation in my precious Petunias and ended up having to dash off and get some bug spray... For dinner I made a most "excellent" pasta carbonara with my first chilli fruit of the year, see above! Hot! And I ended up watching "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" on TV. Oh, 1989 was a much simpler time... :)

I ordered some cool-looking Models Own nail polish on Friday, so here's to them arriving Monday so I can do some mani's while I wait for the IKEA stuff and my white goods to be delivered :)

Tuesday 13 July 2010

NOTD: Zoya "Richelle"

So I have done 5 manis with "Richelle" before, however I still marvel at how bling and sparkly it really is! A must-have gold polish for me! I have done a matching manicure and pedicure with "Richelle" for a wedding reception I am going to tomorrow night, it will go perfectly with my chiffon maxi dress; lets just hope I don't spill some sauce or something down my front during dinner! This is two coats of "Richelle" with MegaShine top coat.

Anyway I had a day off today to do a course on invertebrates so here is a microscope shot of a springtail for you! Very funky wee beasties, one of the oldests invertebrates known.

Sunday 11 July 2010

NOTD: Orly "Glam Rock"

I've got a wedding reception to go to on Wednesday night so I did a pedicure with my fave gold Zoya "Richelle". I've done manicures with this several times, I just love how bling it is! I am wearing a lovely floaty maxi dress, so decided to do a matching mani and pedi in gold to complement it.

Now onto today's awesome NOTD - the matte, the gorgeous, the rich Orly "Glam Rock"! I finally managed to get my mitts on this beauty. It is rich and bronzy and looks just like liquid sunshine when you apply it, before it dries. Once dried it has a smooth lustrous matte finish with remarkable depth! This is two coats over Sally Hansen Miracle Cure.

It'll probably chip tomorrow but that's ok, I don't mind :D

Friday 9 July 2010

NOTD: Rimmel I Love Fruities "Strawberry Fizz"

Had a crappy day on Wednesday, so after splurging on a new bed on my way home, I popped into Superdrug. And I was met by 4 new Rimmels - FRUIT SCENTED!! My heart pounded as I took "Strawberry Fizz", "Cranberry Zest" and "Lemon Drops" and a couple spares to the till!! OMG. I was exstatic! There is also a peach one called "Apricot Punch" but I passed on that one as I really don't like the colour...

I've you've not heard before, I am a sucker for scented nail polish, and I got two of the limited edition ones from the US last year. The finish of all of the Rimmels is creme. And it was ok to apply, maybe a bit slow to dry (can't use topcoat as would block out most of the scented polish). And they do smell! Maybe not a lifelike scent but definitely fruity! And the smell lingered until the next day :)

Gimmicky but I love them! And the colour of "Strawberry Fizz" is lovely too! I think I may try "Lemon Drops" next...

Tuesday 6 July 2010

NOTD: Rimmel I love Lasting Finish "Forest"

I've had to cut my nails right down again due to serious peeling, so I needed a good green to cheer me up. Nothing better than a hard-to-find green shimmer for a bargain price to do that! This is 2 coats of "Forest" with a slick of MegaShine. Not as dark as one of my all time fave greens, "Gussied up green" or as light as "Moonpool" from China Glaze, but it does have the same velvety texture. Nice smooth application as well, I just wish my nails were longer :(

D&G A/W Ready-to-wear Collection

OMG I squealed when I saw this collection - I will totally be busy knitting cable-knit tube skirts for all my pals from now til September!!

D&G Ready-to-wear A/W 2010

Sunday 4 July 2010

NOTD: H&M Hello Kitty "Cool summer"

So I am yet again finding myself super-busy organising the damn restoration project for the house as the insurance company is ridiculously incompetent! Never mind, the builders are swiftly moving on so here's hoping it will be ready on 19th July....

This is the second of my Hello Kitty polishes from H&M, it has little silver sparkles in a nice purple metallic base. It doesn't show up very well in the photos but it's nice and sparkly in the sunshine. This is 2 coats with slick of MegaShine.

Anyway, yesterday was another gloriously hot and sunny day and we went for a long cycle ride in the countryside. I took this photo a random horse in a field - she looked very happy and content in the sunshine :)

Thursday 1 July 2010

NOTD: H&M "Green"

Finally back to some kind of normality! Phew! I painted my nails in my fave colour green to celebrate. This is a lovely glowy bluey-green shimmer from a nail kit with 4 mini polishes called Summer Nails I found in H&M. Lovely and very unique colour, crappy name - I hate it when whoever comes up with the colour can't even be bothered to give it a catchy name.... This is 2 coats of "Green". Please excuse some dents etc in this manicure, I was frenetically unpacking from house sitting so had to fish camera out of a bag before my mani was even dry....

I hope to be back to posting more often again now been so busy lately and we will be moving back home (finally!) at the end of the month but before then I am hoping I can get lots of NOTDs for you all!! I am eagerly awaiting some rare Rimmel's in the post, so I am hoping that come the weekend they will have arrived :)