Tuesday 28 October 2014

Updated NOTD: Nfu Oh "56"

I had a couple of worn bits on my gorgeous China Glaze "Emerald Sparkle" so I decided instead of completely redoing my manicure I was going to stick a coat of Nfu Oh "56" over it. And OMG, I love it :) I put a coat of China Glaze Fast Forward over the top again and it's so amazingly sparkly!!

I've got a rather boring course tomorrow all day about project management - if I get bored I can always look at my nails! These Nfu Oh's once upon a time cost me a small fortune to import from overseas but it was totally worth it - they are the true queen of flakies!!

Sunday 26 October 2014

NOTD: China Glaze "Emerald Sparkle"

Please excuse the crap photo - looks nothing like it apart from the base colour :(

I have a really awesome polish for Halloween from China Glaze but since I am determined to keep it for Halloween party on Saturday, I had to do something else.

I decided on "Emerald Sparkle" because it's green and I love it. But as with it's red twin "Ruby Pumps", frankly, it photographs shit :( Always. You just CAN'T get a true to life photo of this beauty. It's pine green, sparkly and awesome. I will try a photo tomorrow in daylight as well to see if that makes any difference.

This is 2 generous coats with China Glaze Fast Forward top coat  as I find my older China Glazes don't like Seche Vite.

Love it :) I am starting to get in the mood for Xmas and this is just the ticket. So I also paired it with a matching pedicure.

Sunday 12 October 2014

NOTD: Isadora "Power Pink" with polkadots

I decided I wanted something with a catchy accent today so I donned the super pink Isadora "Power Pink", 2 coats here, and 2 coats of NYC "Little Italy" (white) and added some silver striping tape and made dots with a double-ended black nail art pen. Very snazzy! :) I am ready for Monday now!!

Thursday 9 October 2014

NOTD: Retro Pop Art

I found this top coat from Rimmel called "Pop Art!" and decided to try it over Barry M Matte "Vanilla"! It looks very kitsch and matches a sweater I have :)

I did get some bubbling though as I got fed up with sparse deposits of the glitter and 'dabbed' it on instead of painting it on after the first coat.

I did 1 coat of "Vanilla" then dabbed on the glitter, my overzealousness made it pool at the cuticles in some areas... I sealed it all with a coat of Seche Vite. I like it!

This nail art I wore over last weekend but it seems to have not been published??

I forget what colours I used sadly, so no description as such. I was attempting to do a watercolour manicure feel.