Tuesday 10 March 2009

NOTD: Sinful "San Francisco"

This absolute stunner is a long-time lemming for me, satisfied through a swap! I've had some ups and downs the last couple of days as I am being made redundant in my job, and I really really needed something green and serene... Sinful SF is just what the doctor ordered - Dr Frankenpolish that is :P

This is Nailtek II Foundation, 3 coats of the polish and Poshe top coat. It seems to have a slight blue shimmer hiding in the depths, and was really hard to photograph.
Lina-Elvira Loves It Thiiiis Much:
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Lucy said...

I'm so sorry about your losing your job. I pray you will find another soon. Your manicure is lovely. I will be using this soon for St Patrick's day.

Anonymous said...

Lovely polish!
It´s a perfect green.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I agree w/MissPurple! This is a perfect green. I have it too and will be using it for St.Patty's Day.

Lina-Elvira said...

Lucy - Thank you. I have wanted this since it came out, and it would be great for St Patricks day :)
Miss Purple The Pretty Brown Girl - Thanks :) I LOVE the deep shimmery greenness, you have to see it irl to appreciate the depth!

Anonymous said...

It looks gorgeous on you, Lina!!! I'm so sorry about your job...but I'm sure things will get better <3