Tuesday 3 May 2016

REVIEW: EOS Lip Balm "Coconut Milk"

I love a good lip balm as we know! And when I saw that EOS had brought out some new ones, I decided to purchase one. My all-time favourite lip balm is EOS 'Summer Fruit', I've lost count how many times I've repurchased that by now. It just smells and tastes amazing! However, 'Sweet Mint' and 'Lemon Drop' were both a bit meh. So guess I was taking a chance trying yet another flavour...

These new ones have swirled packaging, unlike the solid colour older ones. The beauty of EOS lip balms are that they are petrolatum free! I find that if I use a petrolatum lip product too often I get dry lips (I'm looking at you, Maybelline Baby Lips). Beeswax products like Burts Bees are usually more protective if you are outside in the cold but for an overnight treat, nothing beats these EOS balms!

Flavours are of course a personal thing, and I must say I still prefer my old favourite "Summer Fruits". "Coconut Milk" has a very subtle nutty (but not necessarily coconutty) smell and slightly sweet taste. But it packs all the benefits I usually get from my EOS balm so I am happy! :)

EOS retails for £6.50 but beware fakes! This is a cult brand and highly counterfeited (Google it for more info). I only buy mine from places like Boots so I know they are the trusted original!

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