Monday 27 September 2010

NOTD: Isadora Graffiti Nails "Swedish Flag"

My goodness time flies! Been so busy on holiday climbing snowy peaks and visiting places :) An update on "Space Cadet" - it may be the loveliest colour ever but my mani had seriously flaked off by the end of Wed night (not even 2 days of wear!). However I am sure I can cope with that as the colour is amazing ;)

Anyway here is the first of few Graffiti nail manis - I can't believe Isadora is not sold in UK, their stuff is always awesome! My dear mum bought these for me, and she was thrilled to see it worked as it says on the can - she was convinced it would be bogus :)

This is 2 coats of Isadora "Gold Sparkles" (it looks sheer, but it's not) and a thick slap of "Spraycan Blue" on top. The trick with these is to overload the brush slightly and slap it on in one quick-as-hell stroke or you get smears. I added a layer of China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.

Many of you may not know I am also an avid knitter and I am off to the local knitting Mecca - Garntjanst today to browse yarn etc so gotta dash but I will be back tonight with some cool photos of snowy peaks, reindeers and dinosaur bones :)

Monday 20 September 2010

1st Holiday NOTD: Orly "Space Cadet"


Nail polish of the Year?

This is 4 coats (worth every damn coat!!) and China Glaze FastForward top coat. It is super-sparkly and shifts colour like a, eh, cuttle-fish?... This is a sheer polish but I feel it has to be as sheer as it is or it wouldn't have that super-sparkle. I can't wait to try the green "It's not rocket science" from the same collection I swapped for with a fab American lady! :)

I am hoping my 2 week holiday in Sweden will break my recent addiction to 'South Park'. And I am hoping it will land me some sweet nail polishes, some cool clothes, some fresh air and some super cuddles with my family and cats :)

Saturday 18 September 2010

NOTD China Glaze "Mummy May I"

A lovely lady from America sent me the gorgeous Orly "It's not rocket science" and a mass of other to die for nail polishes so here's hoping I can show these all off in the next few weeks! I got the new China Glaze Awakening set for Halloween 2010, and here is my first choice - "Mummy May I". It is a blackened plum base with hot fuschia glitter. The glitter isn't as obvious as I would like it but it's still a very cool polish! This is 3 coats with 2 coats of China Glaze FastForward top coat. The formula on this was thick and unpleasant but it did dry very quickly even without speed dry top coat.

I also managed to get my mitts on one of the new Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Nail Trio's! This is "Garden of Eden". What a lovely name! :D I thought from photos on Superdrug website that it was a dark green/orangey sheer glitter combo but it's better than that!! I wasn't sure how the layering would look but OMG it's awesome (nail on far right)! :D I also bought the nail polish remover from this range; it comes in a professional pump bottle and supposedly smells of spearmint??? I will review this when I try and remove this glitter tomorrow! :)

I am finally on holiday for 2 1/2 weeks and I will be returning to Sweden for my vacay; there is confirmed rumours my sweet Mother has got me some of the cool new Isadora Graffiti nail polishes! :) I should get plenty of time to catch up on my blogging...

Anyway I am just dashing off to see Pirahna 3D in the cinema, so see you all tomorrow!!

Tuesday 14 September 2010

NOTD: Beauty UK "Smokey lilac"

I am very disappointed I couldn't catch this colour on camera. It looks all grey, not the lilac-grey it is in real life :( it is a spectacularly unusual colour!

Very cheap and cheerful, this is 3 coats with Megashine. I think this polish retails for £1.99 or something like that. The polish formula is ok, it easily becomes streaky if you're not careful. If you have ridged nails, put on a ridge-filling base coat!

I am eagerly awaiting a special polish in the post however I don't think it will be here before I go on holiday in a weeks time but I should have plenty time on holiday to showcase my new Isadora Grafitti Nail polishes my mum has very lovingly bought me :D

Anyway I am off to knit a special present to a dear pal of mine!

Sunday 12 September 2010

NOTD: Rimmel "Jungle Princess"

What is this colour?.. Minky brown with pink shimmer?.. Weird, but I like it!

Please excuse the dodgy paint job, it is a quick paint before my dhal and basmati rice dinner :) This is 2 coats with a touch of Megashine. I must say I do love the new Rimmel LycraPRO; they're so smooth to apply! But I still grudge paying almost £5 for a Rimmel... I have been raking through my Helmers, and I now believe Rimmel is the most numerous brand, having polishes such as my fave ever polish "Arresting" and some super-rarities like "Zeitgeist".

Wednesday 8 September 2010


I had to post this - check out Swatchaholics gorgeous swatches of the new Orly's. I may have acquired the holy polish of the year "Space Cadet" as well and am eagerly awaiting it's arrival...

Monday 6 September 2010

Recent NOTDs

Dudes, I've been sooo busy the last week :O I finally managed to dig out my desk and my gaming computer from behind the moving boxes. So about a tonne of flatpack rubbish and old shite, I can finally sit and play Bioshock 2 and use my 2 Helmers full of nail polish! :) Sweet!

Anyway I still took some pix of my NOTDs for you. The first one this week was the nude glitter "Twinkletoes" from Finger Paints. This is 2 coats and top coat - and its much lovelier than this in real life!

Tonight's NOTD isthe super-glittery teal "Emerald City" from Models Own. I was disappointed these glitters were the same bumpy glitters you get from any cheap line - just like craft glitter in a clear polish; at the price I expected more, say, in line with Zoya Ultra-Glitters or OPI "Absolutely Alice". But hey... As "Emerald City" is messy to apply and see-thru, I put Rimmel "Skyhigh" on underneath but you can't really see it unless you take a close-up look like this photo. Very glittery but also very bumpy and sheer. Models Own, I feel disappointed...

What do you think?