Monday 20 September 2010

1st Holiday NOTD: Orly "Space Cadet"


Nail polish of the Year?

This is 4 coats (worth every damn coat!!) and China Glaze FastForward top coat. It is super-sparkly and shifts colour like a, eh, cuttle-fish?... This is a sheer polish but I feel it has to be as sheer as it is or it wouldn't have that super-sparkle. I can't wait to try the green "It's not rocket science" from the same collection I swapped for with a fab American lady! :)

I am hoping my 2 week holiday in Sweden will break my recent addiction to 'South Park'. And I am hoping it will land me some sweet nail polishes, some cool clothes, some fresh air and some super cuddles with my family and cats :)

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Zeke said...

This is actually pretty damn awesome! o.O