Tuesday, 14 September 2010

NOTD: Beauty UK "Smokey lilac"

I am very disappointed I couldn't catch this colour on camera. It looks all grey, not the lilac-grey it is in real life :( it is a spectacularly unusual colour!

Very cheap and cheerful, this is 3 coats with Megashine. I think this polish retails for £1.99 or something like that. The polish formula is ok, it easily becomes streaky if you're not careful. If you have ridged nails, put on a ridge-filling base coat!

I am eagerly awaiting a special polish in the post however I don't think it will be here before I go on holiday in a weeks time but I should have plenty time on holiday to showcase my new Isadora Grafitti Nail polishes my mum has very lovingly bought me :D

Anyway I am off to knit a special present to a dear pal of mine!

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Helen said...

This is one of my favourite polishes of the year so far! Not bad considering that I only bought it on a whim as it was cheap. Backup-worthy!