Friday 31 December 2010

New Year's NOTD: Body Shop "Starry Night"

I picked up this beauty in the sales, and decided it would be a fitting New Year manicure! Lets hope 2011 is as special, as sparkly and as magical like this nail polish :)

I had some application problems with this, it's a bit thick and stringy... But if you're not so fussy you would get away with one thick coat, but this is two thin coats and MegaShine top coat. It has a black base with sparkly silver glitter and flakies.

Well I am going to indulge in some coffee before I get geared up for the stroke of midnight!

Wednesday 29 December 2010

NOTD: Rimmel Play Fast "Art of Noise"

I've got a thing for the old American Rimmels - got a bit of a collection going... This is 3 coats of "Art of Noise", which is a bit like Zoya "Yasmeen" and Barielle "Secret Encounter". I love these polishes they all have an unbeatable shimmer and depth - if you can find them, get them!

Review: Tommyguns Jasmine & Wild Nettle Shampoo

So this is the shampoo + conditioner I've been trying for a couple of weeks. The smell of the shampoo is just divine... Not overpowering or perfumy, just a waft of the ultimate luxury scent of pure jasmine essential oil. Like having a shower in The Garden of Eden! :) The leave-in conditioner is tricky to get right, too much and it gives you sticky/crunchy hair. But it too smells lovely, almost a bit like bubblegum. I will probably get the Tommyguns Fig, Plum & Marshmallow conditioner and use the leave-in conditioner for extra treatment in winter.

These are sold in John Lewis stores as far as I know, but they can also be bought online. They are decently priced at £4.99 each.

Once you smell the Jasmine and Nettle Shampoo you will be hooked forever, as with MOP Pear Body Wash! :)

Monday 27 December 2010

Sales finds!

Having a pitstop in Starbucks as I do a round of the January sales. And look what I found! For £3 each, they are a true bargain :) I am now away to tackle the rest of the shops aster the caffeine injection!

Sunday 26 December 2010

NOTD: China Glaze "Ingrid"

I got this polish in a swap. I loved it from the first swatch I saw, but it's a bit weird - it's a bit like Chanel "Particuliere" but with a gold shimmer :) Very cool! I kept thinking about swamp water when I applied it...
This is 2 coats with Sally Hansen MegaShine top coat. I've not got any other colours like this one.

I am gearing up for hitting the shops tomorrow for the sales... Lets hope it's not too busy!


Recovering mentally from another water leak in my house, so I haven't done my nails for a week but I intend on doing them tonight after watching The Expendables but this is a cool pic of my rose bush after the thaw-n-freeze in the last few days! Pretty cool!

Friday 24 December 2010

Merry Xmas!

In our house there are two days of xmas - xmas eve and xmas day! This is my little kitty in his new santa hat before he got his new giant catnip rat! :)

Tuesday 21 December 2010

NOTD: Nails Inc "Aspen" and loads of snow

Such a stressful morning, I'm still on the bus to work but stuck in snail pace traffic so I thought I'd share my mani for today while trying not to think about my frozen feet. I *love* this polish! This is two perfectly smooth coats. I'm trying some new shampoo + conditioner now and I'm hoping to do a review on that tonight!

Wednesday 15 December 2010

NOTD: Color Club "Snowflakes"

So I finally got to put on this lovely sparkler! :) It's from the Color Club xmas collection "Enchanted Holiday". This is 2 coats with Megashine top coat. You will need two coats of thick top coat, it is a bumpy glitter!

This is hard to photograph - it's hard to get the holographic glitter to twinkle when in focus, but in real life and out of focus it sparkles like diamonds on your nails! It's not an opaque glitter but that is probably what makes it so shimmery.

I am now about to watch some nature programmes on telly while cuddling my wee kitten, he's very affectionate today (could be that his Mummy fed him some freshly roasted chicken!).

Sunday 12 December 2010

NOTD: Mavala "Velvet"

So I had a day off on Friday to do some xmas shopping and I picked up this little beauty in John Lewis. It was once part of a set that I eyed up but decided against as the other two colours were just 'meh' to me. But I finally saw this one sold separately! :)

I am still in love with the muddy colours, greige and dusky pastels. 'So last year' I know but my goodness they are addictive...

Anyway back to the polish! This is 2 super-smooth layers with a slick of MegaShine top coat for the speed drying effect, but I managed to get a nice fat bubble in my top coat on my middle finger there.. Oops. This is a super polish. I wish that more polishes had the instant gratification of opaqueness in 2 coats and super gloss...

Thursday 9 December 2010

NOTD: Color Club "Magic Elf"

Yep, I was swayed by it's green beauty (no surprises there..) and I decided to put it on instead of "Snowflakes" for my 3-day weekend which has jus started! This is 3 thin layers with China Glaze FastForward top coat. Awesome! :D

I am just popping in to show you this beauty, I have a long day of Christmas shopping before me tomorrow so I won't linger.

Wednesday 8 December 2010

NOTD: China Glaze "Innocence" with matte top coat

Hello everyone! We're very snowy here in Aberdeen, so I really wanted to do a manicure with Color Club "Snowflakes" but I have to be 'smart' tomorrow so I chose to do my old nude fave "Innocence" but with Rimmels matte top coat! And here it is!

This is 2 coats of "Innocence" with a slick of the Rimmel matte top coat. I think I like the glossy version better but hey this is a novelty!

Now I am off to work on my knitting while the little kitty sleeps (his name is Elvis and he is adorable, see photo attached!) while watching 'Aliens v Predator: Requiem'!

Sunday 5 December 2010

NOTD: Color Club "Wish List Red"

So the lovely Xmas set from Color Club finally arrived so here is the gem that is "Wish List Red"! My camera doesn't like this colour, it's not capturing the sparkliness of the glitter.

This is two perfect coats (almost no cleanup needed!) with a coat of China Glaze FastForward top coat. This dries gritty like a glitter polish, I am going to put another thick coat of top coat on tomorrow as it's still gritty.

I can't wait to put on the other polishes in this collection for you, hopefully with some of the decals that come with it :)

I'm off to watch the dire movie that is XxX 2...