Monday 30 October 2017

REVIEW: The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

So I've moved house, and finally got to a point where I feel I have time to get back to blogging!! I had such a massive clear-out of products, both makeup and skin/body/hair care, that I feel I have almost started anew! :) Of course, my husband doesn't agree... 

So when this foundation was released back in the summer it had a massive waiting list, and I was waaaaaay down on that list! I had to wait a month or so before it actually came, but when it did I was super-excited to try it out.

The reviews for this particular offering varies. Some people seem to love it, others, not so much. I have now tried this when my skin is in various states over the last couple of months, and here is my verdict...

I like that it's;

  • very affordable
  • in a pump bottle
  • has good coverage

What I am not loving is that;

  • you can't go to a shop and try on shades unless you live in London
  • it clings to any tiny dry bits
  • you need to wear a primer or it won't last

I struggled to find a decent shade despite the shades being swatched on the website and other blogs. I have again chosen a shade which is just that bit too light for me (2.0N), as it gives me a rather pale face when I put it on. Choose carefully - I found it's really hard to gauge the actual colour from swatches I've seen!

I found that this is best put on with fingers, no brush or sponge. When applied with a sponge, I couldn't get an even coverage. When applied with a brush it settled in my pores. I think you need the warmth of fingers to work this into the skin.

In terms of finish, it is rather matte, more matte than I usually wear. Therefore it clings to dry spots, so you need to exfoliate and moisturise very well. I think this is one of those foundations which you will need to use a primer with, both to get a good base and to make it last. I used it with my Smashbox primer and it was better. But, I don't like using primer, as most of the make me break out (and I never break out). Wear time without primer was about 3hrs for me before it started to break up around the nose.

So for me, this is not something I will repurchase. I think on young, supple and maybe slightly oily skin this would be better. I don't fit in any of those categories anymore... In hindsight, even though I wanted the higher coverage, I should maybe have gone for the Serum Foundation instead. But for the price, £5.90, I'm glad I gave the Coverage one a try anyway! :)

The Ordinary have just announced their 'Watercolors' range of foundation, so I might have to try those as well, maybe I'll have more luck with those!

Saturday 28 October 2017

REVIEW: Maybelline The Falsie Push Up Angel mascara

I am a sucker for new mascaras, but in the last couple of years I've not been getting caught out buying much new ones as I just can't seem to steer away from my holy grail mascara, Doll'd Up by Seventeen (from Boots).

But I'd heard promising things for this weird beauty, so when I saw it on offer for £6 a while back I decided maybe just give it a go.

The brush, or wand, is, eh, weird?.. I wasn't sure how I felt about it. It's one of those wands you will need to swap hand to use on each eye, or it doesn't work as it's supposed to do. When I first used this, the formula felt rather 'wet' and I did make some mess, but mostly because I wasn't sure how to handle the brush.

It did wear well and I didn't get any fall-out or smudging. But I didn't feel it did all the things my Doll'd Up mascara does. My lashes are not that thick, and this mascara did nothing for bulking them up. It also didn't really hold the curl all day. But it did lengthen the lashes quite significantly!

So I am not giving up my old mascara just yet but this was by no means a terrible mascara, it just isn't for me. If you already have rather full lashes, this would be great for you!