Monday 30 October 2017

REVIEW: The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

So I've moved house, and finally got to a point where I feel I have time to get back to blogging!! I had such a massive clear-out of products, both makeup and skin/body/hair care, that I feel I have almost started anew! :) Of course, my husband doesn't agree... 

So when this foundation was released back in the summer it had a massive waiting list, and I was waaaaaay down on that list! I had to wait a month or so before it actually came, but when it did I was super-excited to try it out.

The reviews for this particular offering varies. Some people seem to love it, others, not so much. I have now tried this when my skin is in various states over the last couple of months, and here is my verdict...

I like that it's;

  • very affordable
  • in a pump bottle
  • has good coverage

What I am not loving is that;

  • you can't go to a shop and try on shades unless you live in London
  • it clings to any tiny dry bits
  • you need to wear a primer or it won't last

I struggled to find a decent shade despite the shades being swatched on the website and other blogs. I have again chosen a shade which is just that bit too light for me (2.0N), as it gives me a rather pale face when I put it on. Choose carefully - I found it's really hard to gauge the actual colour from swatches I've seen!

I found that this is best put on with fingers, no brush or sponge. When applied with a sponge, I couldn't get an even coverage. When applied with a brush it settled in my pores. I think you need the warmth of fingers to work this into the skin.

In terms of finish, it is rather matte, more matte than I usually wear. Therefore it clings to dry spots, so you need to exfoliate and moisturise very well. I think this is one of those foundations which you will need to use a primer with, both to get a good base and to make it last. I used it with my Smashbox primer and it was better. But, I don't like using primer, as most of the make me break out (and I never break out). Wear time without primer was about 3hrs for me before it started to break up around the nose.

So for me, this is not something I will repurchase. I think on young, supple and maybe slightly oily skin this would be better. I don't fit in any of those categories anymore... In hindsight, even though I wanted the higher coverage, I should maybe have gone for the Serum Foundation instead. But for the price, £5.90, I'm glad I gave the Coverage one a try anyway! :)

The Ordinary have just announced their 'Watercolors' range of foundation, so I might have to try those as well, maybe I'll have more luck with those!

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