Thursday 28 August 2008

Nfu-Oh Bonanza Part 1

I went a little overboard and did quite a bit of layering and swatching for my Nfu-Ohs. First for a bit of layering over black.

From left: #45, #49, #53, #56 and #59

These are the Nfu-Oh colours layered over other colours (1 layer each):

From left:

6: #53 over Barry M 292 (a true dark navy shimmer)

7: #53 over Essie Aruba Blue (a bright blue shimmer)

8: #49 over Rimmel 60 sec 829 Big Night Out (a metallic dark peach)

9: #56 over Nails Inc. Ascot (a dark forest green shimmer)

10: #59 over Barry M 273 (a vampy dark cerise creme)

The first colour I tried on my nails was the fiery #45, I think it is an absolute stunner. Application is a bit goopy, but it does dry quite quickly. But I admit to dabbing the brush to deposit some glitter flakes on a few nails.. Below is the pic of it (1 coat Seche Clear, 2 coats #45, 1 coat Seche Vite; tropical aquarium lighting). I must have taken about 20 pics of this, but nothing I did will ever capture the sparkly and glowing goodness of this polish! This is the best one.

I will post more swatches of these amazing polishes during the coming week. I am trying not to display such nail polish attention deficit syndrome but I am sooo keen to try them all!! :)

Wednesday 27 August 2008

The Nfu-Oh's are here!!

My Nfu-Oh's have arrived!! A bit of a mixed bag - and some unexpected colours. I was told #53 was sold out, but I got it. I also got a mysterious #59, even though I ordered #60?? But they are all gorgeous so I don't mind :)
From left to right: #45, #49, #56, #59 and #53 (with flash)
#59 isn't as red as it looks here, for some reason, it looks more red in the photos than the berry-burgundy it is on quickly swatched nail wheels. #45 is awesome, a total raging fire of a nail polish!!
I will swatch these as soon as I can, and share some pictures of nail wheels with different colours layered underneath. Currently I know that black is the favourite for layering these but I'm going to try and match up some of my other colours for layering underneath just for something different :)

Tuesday 26 August 2008


I've been meaning to post this forever, I don't want anyone to miss the AWESOME Nfu-Oh swatches by Rocketqueen, this one will blow your mind...

Have a look in Rocketqueens blog

Nail-Of-The-Day #2

This is one of my favourite nail combos - 2 coats of OPI "Purple with a purpose" with a coat of Mavala "Capella". Its one of those hard to photograph polishes with big flaky glitter. It moves from purple to pink through to a metallic beetle green, it's very pretty :)

Au Naturale For Autumn?

As rainy and more chilly days set in, I turn my attention to my increasingly dry, tired skin and hair and wonder, is it time to try something new for my beauty routine? I have been intrigued by Chagrin Valley handmade soaps and shampoo bars since I saw them on Rocketqueens blog. I have never tried this sort of thing before and in my quest for more healthy living (goodbye anaemia and fatigue, dammit) I thought "Why not?" and ordered a bunch of stuff. I cheaped out on the postage, so here's hoping the stuff arrives (I have lost my faith in Royal Mail lately). Of course, there will be a thorough review once the stuff arrives :)

Monday 25 August 2008

Some Nails-Of-The-Day

I have been travelling over the weekend so haven't had time to blog about the greatness of the new China Glaze collection. I have already worn all 3 polishes I bought, Gussied-up Green, Rodeo Fanatic (pictured to the top left) and Wagon trail. Unfortunately the colour doesn't come out pn my mobile phone camera so well with GUG and WT, but RF came out ok (its direct sunlight).

As the autumn weather sets in (we've had severe rain and floods lately) I kind of felt I needed a fiery red polish for my Monday morning blues (sadly, no Nfu-Ohs delivered today either!) So here is OPI "No Autographs, please" from the Hollywood collection. It's a nice and bright red shimmer , and I always get comments when I wear this! Please overlook the scabby cuticles, as I haven't really been using handcreme and oil over the weekend.. :)

Wednesday 20 August 2008

Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

This has a massive fat silicon bristle brush! And I mean, its MASSIVE! I think it will take some practice to stop putting dabs of mascara on my eyelids. Maybe it's the size of the brush that spooks me and keeps making me blink :) The colour was nice and solid black, and it didn't smudge or flake off during wear (15hrs). My spindly lashes looked longer and a bit fuller, but I wouldn't say that they looked like false eyelashes! But hey, my lashes are sparser than Donald Trump's hair, so ANY volume and length added is a bonus. I will probably buy this again! 4 of 5 stars, mainly for the gianormous brush (a novelty) and the staying power.

Monday 18 August 2008

They have arrived!!! :)

Monday morning blues at the office lifted when the receptionist came through and I realised that my new China Glaze Rodeo Diva nail polishes were here!! And they are soo gorgeous, I can't wait to put them on tonight! :)

From left: Gussied-up Green, Rodeo Fanatic and Wagon Trail

Sunday 17 August 2008

Cataloging my nail polishes

I have finished painting my nail polish colour wheels. Now I just need to enter all the info into the database I have created and take photos of the wheels in sunlight to insert into the database :) I have not counted the colours I have but knowing my old total and adding on the recent purchases, I am 200 and counting :( Maybe I do have a problem.. I will post some photos once its all done :)
I am currently rocking a chrome silver manicure, with a tonne of Seche Vite to hold the nail polish. It is Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Platinum Chrome, which dries almost instantly but is an absolute pain to apply :( It streaks and comes off the nail if you go over the same place twice. Patience is of course a virtue, and my goodness the end result is awesome!! :)
I have some exciting new mascara and eye shadow to review tomorrow night so check back Tuesday for those :)

Friday 15 August 2008

Scabby nails :(

As I look forward to my China Glaze's Rodeo Diva polishes arriving next week, having spent a fortune on them, I realise my nails are in a state of desperate unhappiness. They're rough, unpolished and wonky. All thanks to a lovely week with my boyfriend riding mountainbikes (my face isn't too happy either from all the wind, rain and mud). I'm normally a short and funky kinda gal, so shouldn't take much to put them back into shape. But I was kind of hoping I could grow them longer, but oh well. On a good note tho, my cuticles are for once really nice, as I've been smothering them with Solarbalm all week :)

Now I just have to wait for those sweet bottles to arrive. Oh hurry up postman...

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Autumn Anticipation

In waiting for my Nfu-Oh Opal nail polishes I have been resting my nails and putting on Solarbalm 3 times a day to keep them hydrated. But I wanted to show everyone this gorgeous green from Nails Inc. It's called Ascot, and came out last year. Just look at that green loveliness. Now I just have to get my hands on the new China Glaze fall collection and the highly awaited Emerald Sparkle from China Glaze's Christmas collection... :)