Sunday 17 August 2008

Cataloging my nail polishes

I have finished painting my nail polish colour wheels. Now I just need to enter all the info into the database I have created and take photos of the wheels in sunlight to insert into the database :) I have not counted the colours I have but knowing my old total and adding on the recent purchases, I am 200 and counting :( Maybe I do have a problem.. I will post some photos once its all done :)
I am currently rocking a chrome silver manicure, with a tonne of Seche Vite to hold the nail polish. It is Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Platinum Chrome, which dries almost instantly but is an absolute pain to apply :( It streaks and comes off the nail if you go over the same place twice. Patience is of course a virtue, and my goodness the end result is awesome!! :)
I have some exciting new mascara and eye shadow to review tomorrow night so check back Tuesday for those :)

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