Monday 25 August 2008

Some Nails-Of-The-Day

I have been travelling over the weekend so haven't had time to blog about the greatness of the new China Glaze collection. I have already worn all 3 polishes I bought, Gussied-up Green, Rodeo Fanatic (pictured to the top left) and Wagon trail. Unfortunately the colour doesn't come out pn my mobile phone camera so well with GUG and WT, but RF came out ok (its direct sunlight).

As the autumn weather sets in (we've had severe rain and floods lately) I kind of felt I needed a fiery red polish for my Monday morning blues (sadly, no Nfu-Ohs delivered today either!) So here is OPI "No Autographs, please" from the Hollywood collection. It's a nice and bright red shimmer , and I always get comments when I wear this! Please overlook the scabby cuticles, as I haven't really been using handcreme and oil over the weekend.. :)


Astrid said...

Hi Lina-Elvira,
Great blog! I've really fallen in love with some of the colours from the China Glaze Rodeo collection and was wondering if you could advise where to get these in the UK? There aren't many shops where I live so would really appreciate it if you could recommend any online options....thanks!

Lina-Elvira said...

Astrid - Thanks :) I ordered these (and many other fantastic polishes) from a very good seller, she sells them for £5.99 + P&P

Astrid said...

Thanks for the fantastic tip! I ended up getting far more tempted than is good for my wallet :)
My new polishes arrived today & look great- I can't wait to try them so thanks again!