Friday 29 January 2016

REVIEW: L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay hair care range

So I got my hands on some of the new shampoo and conditioner from L'Oreal Elvive a couple of weeks ago, and I then got sent a sample from L'Oreal this week, which included the new pre-shampoo masque treatment. Score!

I've struggled with my fine Scandinavian hair since I had it cut and it's turned mostly into my original condition and colour - maybe that's why I started to colour my hair??

Anyway, I have done a video review for you so you can see the hair in action! :)

You can check out my review of the L'Oreal Elvive NutriGloss Luminiser range here.

Sunday 24 January 2016

NEW: Barry M Mani Mask

I wasn't sure what to think when I first laid eyes on these? I don't have a particular issue with my nails, they're strong and not stained (always use a proper base coat, people!). But I can't resist new stuff, as we all know... The sales pitch is;

"Formulated to Camouflage, Colour & Condition, it's available in Bashful (a light baby pink) and Birthday Suit (a creamy nude) for a semi-matte finish that cares for nails while helping them look great too!"

I went for the colour "Bashful".

I just did 1 coat here and let it dry. The polish has a minute shimmer to it, perhaps these are some kind of colour neutralising pigments? The shimmer is invisible once it's dry though. I used no base coat as it's a 'treatment', and no top coat. I am in two minds over how matte the finish is; it's nice and neutral but also it's just that bit too matte to look natural?

It does successfully camouflage the natural nail colour and makes them look a more flawless. As I am so unfaithful to nail products I can't comment on the conditioning part! I think that this is a great choice for those who 'live wild' with their nail polish on the weekends but need it toned down during the week! It will likely hide staining from blues/greens and bright reds, and will probably make a nice pedicure too for summer toes.

I rate it 4 of 5, mainly because I feel the matte finish is a bit too matte to look natural! I will definitely wear this again though on those day I need incognito nails :) Now what I really need is some hardcore cuticle camouflage that makes my cuticles flawless...

Wednesday 20 January 2016

NOTD: Misa "Dirty, Sexy, Money"

I have nothing to say about this polish that hasn't already been said :) Check out my love for this polish here.

It's smooth, perfect coverage and the most unusual colour. One to turn to when you're in a bad mood from a bad day, and magically everything feels better!

This is 2 coats and top coat; all you need for instant retro perfection. And damn, it goes well with my new cool throw-on from H&M! I am so ready for an all-day training course on Microsoft Excel 2010 tomorrow!

Sunday 17 January 2016

NOTD: OPI Hello Kitty "Say Hello Kitty!" Limited Edition

In artificial light

In daylight
I finally got my mitts on this shade from the new Hello Kitty collection from OPI! :) Ever since I'd seen the first promo shots for this collection I knew I had to have it all! Although once it rolled around I was like 'meh' for some of the shades, but this one I needed!

I am not sure I've got something exactly like this? Urban Decay's "ID" has a similar warm coral sort of base colour but that's about it. Barry M's Limited Edition 2014 Xmas polish was kinda close too.  OPI "Princesses rule" have a similar high voltage shimmer but isn't as warm in base colour. I thought my old VHTF L'Oreal "330" might also be similar but no, not at all. Hmmm... I may actually not have anything like it - bonus!

This is part of a limited edition set, you can't buy the colour on it's own. It comes with 2 Swarovski crystal bows and nail glue to attach them. Nice touch but completely unnecessary; just let the nail polish do the talkin'!

I did 2 coats here, if you have an aversion to VNL you will need to load on another coat. I topped it with Bourjois 3D Gel top coat. Formula is good, slightly jelly like which enhances the glittering quality. Still decent coverage. Goes on smooth and evenly! It was quite hard to photograph because of the intense shimmer, I had to move around a bit so I will try and do a daylight shot tomorrow to show you as well.

Love this so much - it's just my kind of pink!!

Tuesday 12 January 2016

NOTD: OPI "Go with the lava flow"

Needed some warmth in the rain... This polish is from the Hawaii collection 2015, I bought it when I was travelling to Sweden last year, it was part of a duty free exclusive set of minis. 

I did 2 coats here, you can still see VNL so if you're sensitive to that perhaps this polish isn't for you. As I have such short nails I don't care much about it. It was very nice and smooth to apply. I put on a coat of Bourjois 3D Gel top coat as usual.

This was so hard to photograph??? I would say it's an deep coral with gold shimmer, but no matter which light I use, it doesn't come out right. The best colour match is what's showing in the bottle. I really like this colour - I think it would be a great one for a summer pedicure as well :)

Friday 8 January 2016

Birthday NOTD: Rococo "Green Garnet Luxe"

It's my birthday today so I wanted something seriously awesome. And it then usually comes down to something green! This is one of the bargain Rococo's I scored in the Boxing Day sale from Space.NK. It's absolutely stunning! :D

I did 2 coats here and a slick of Bourjois 3D Gel top coat. It's got almost a duochrome to it, and a very luxurious shimmery depth. I think this might make an early entry into the 2016 favourites!!

I also made a traditional Swedish birthday cake - layers of strawberry jam, mashed banana and custard smothered in fresh whipped cream and berries. Yummy!

Wednesday 6 January 2016

NOTD: Depend O2 "459"

I got some nail polish from Sweden from my Mum at Xmas, as usual :) This is one of them, from Swedish brand Depend. They do these little mini polishes that always seem to be really great colours! I have a bunch of these I've collected over the years, and last year I got a nail polish advent calendar they issued! Anyway, I digress.

In the Asda sales I bought a pair of bottle green skinny corduroy jeans. And this polish is a perfect match, so I decided to use the trousers as a background! Please pay no attention to the state of the cuticles. They are always so bad no matter what I do nowadays, I guess it's age :( Also, never mind the chip - I had a tussle with the printer at work today...

I used 2 coats here over Bourjois base coat, the topped it with my Bourjois 3D Gel top coat. I must say I think this is what I always hoped Illamasqua's "Rampage" would be like, but never was. Love this so much, I might ask my Mum to find me a second bottle!

I also got my Boxing Day sales delivered today from Space.NK - these 3 lovely Rococo nail polishes. This has to be the bargain of the year! £3 each, in a super-luxurious box, and just look at those colours?? :)