Monday 26 October 2015

MASK MONDAY: H&M Face Mask "Kiwi and Watermelon" review

H&M face mask haul
So I've now designated Mondays as "Mask Mondays". I found I have a stash of various face masks which needs using up so here it is, a new regular feature on the blog!

This is part of a face mask haul I did recently when I wanted to buy some basics from H&M for work. These are single application, priced £1.99 each, which is about a pound more expensive than my all-time fave single use face mask brand Montagne Jeunesse.

H&M Kiwi + Watermelon out of it's paper packaging
So neat-o looking packaging aside it is actually pretty good to use with a face mask brush (I am a trained beauty therapist, old habits die hard...). Just dip the brush in and apply goo to face! :)

This is what the sales blurb is: Relax and let this self-warming mask open pores and draw out dirt while kiwi, watermelon and pear leave your skin sweetly scented. For combination skin.

The mask is avocado green and smells rather pleasantly fruity, maybe like pears but I'll go for the more generic 'fruity'. It has a very warm self-heating action immediately as you apply it to wet skin but the long-term self heating is much more pleasant.

I had to sit with my face over the sink - the mask seriously drips! Not sure I've experienced that before? It even kind of slides down on your cheeks and forehead as time goes on?.. It doesn't dry/congeal at all and stays wet and drippy through the  recommended time which equals bored as hell with my face over the sink for 10-15 minutes... :(

And the result? Skin feels soft and fresh - will see if it's cleared up some of the pesky little spots on my temple tomorrow! :) Pleasant experience - now for some new The Muppets!

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