Saturday 17 October 2009

NOTD: Color Club "Fashion Addict"

I've been wanting this polish since I got "Revvvolution" but just couldn't justify spending money on shipping for it. Suppose that's what friends in other countries are for :) I tried sooooo hard to catch the lilac base colour of this polish but to no avail. It just looks like a greyish holo in whichever light I try to photograph it in... Hope you can forgive me.

I have grown tired of glitter (I think I just heard Zeke the evil beech shouting "Woohoo!!") as it is such a pain to remove.. Therefore I went for holo today, and probably will go for a creme tomorrow; an ancient Isadora polish, "09" (I am sure it also used to have a sticker on it saying it was called "09 Antique Rose"...) which is a close dupe for Essie "Angora Cardi" as it turns out! Unless my mother brings me Depend nail polish from Sweden tonight that is, in which case I may just have to put one of them on :D I got GLOSS magazine, a sort of nail trend mag from Scratch Magazine, and on the back is the advert for Essie's Cuddle with color collection, and "Angora Cardi" is nestled on top of some luxuriously furry angora yarn... I love that image :)

Anyway, back to "Fashion Addict". This is 2 coats over Seche Clear. I find you need a shiny base coat for holos as it seems to go flat with the textured ones like Nailtek II Foundation. I also don't put a top coat on holos as that too seems to flatten the rainbow effect.

As most of my holos it doesn't last very well, it sort of gets rubbed off the nail leaving little bare patches. But I enjoy it while it lasts! :) And it's not such a pain as glitter to remove!


Anonymous said...

Very classy look.
Well done.

Lucy said...

I just ordered the last of the China Glaze Glitters. I ordered them all. I have nail polish OCD! Love the holo. I always use a topcoat. I never think about it changing the effect of it. Your nails are looking lovely.

Zeke, the evil beech said...

Woohoo!!! No more glitter!! *merry jig*