Sunday 4 October 2009

NOTD: GOSH "Metallic Green"

It's been really stormy here at the weekend, with sunshine and gusts up to 55mph. I've taken this as an opportunity to be inside and frantically been trying to clear all my stuff from the move now that all the cupboards and wardrobes are operational. I decided to cheer myself up with a nice green manicure for tomorrow :)

This is part of GOSH's metallic polishes; I've got green, blue, lilac, gold and silver. I didn't manage to do a very good job of this, sorry about that. Also if you have less than perfect nails, metallic colours will be cruel in showing every flaw (mine took a serious hit a few months back when I broke four nails on my photogenic hand hence the horizontal ridge halfway across). However this is only one coat of polish over Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 2-in-1 base coat. Low maintenance nails if there ever were :) It dries in about ten-fifteen minutes, and don't be tempted with top coat - it will ruin the finish of metallic polishes. These polishes are all satiny, mirror-like in appearance and dry so quickly you won't need a speed-dry top coat. However the formula is a bit runny and makes for a bit of tricky application; the polish pools very easily and leaves some brush marks. "Metallic Green" is very similar to China Glaze "Cherish".

I think I've found my "spot" now for taking pictures of nail polish. This is a lot better than some recent photos (save the poor application and ridged nails!). I will need to carry out some shots of different finishes and see how it goes!

Lina-Elvira Loves It Thiiiis Much:

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Lucy said...

I love this shade of metallic green. Looks fantastic on you. I can see that it shows every flaw. They must have been very bad breaks. It almost looks like ridges from wearing acrylic nails. Have you put on your polishes away yet?

Zeke said...

Dags å dra fram trädkramaroutfiten ju! Gröööön!!