Tuesday 13 October 2009


I haven't done a In Today's Mail for a while huh?! :) Not much to shout about lately though, mostly bills and legal deeds for the house...

Anyway I thought I would share today's mail bag contents with you all! These Crocs are the lovliest pairs of shoes I've had for a while! Super-toasty, super-comfy of the model Blitzen Polar, hopefully they will ease the pain in my right foot... I am hoping my mum finds some cool Jibbitz for them (hint hint). Please excuse the carpet - it's a legacy from previous owner of our house :)

Also I got China Glaze "Bad Kitty" and "Fortune Teller" and ColorClub "Fashion Addict". This is the first time I've got AMAZING polish like this in the mail but looked at my current manicure and thought "No, I think I will wait to change this manicure until tomorrow, it's too lovely to take off!"

If you still want to see "Fortune Teller" RIGHT NOW, stop by All Lacquered Up, and for some amazing swatches of, among others, "Bad Kitty" go to see Scrangie. Scrangie also has some rockin' swatches of ColorClub "Fashion Addict"... Also before you go; I know it's in Swedish but Lotta Lackoholic's swatches speak for themselves :)
See you all soon for some orange stuff... :P


MariahGem said...

How'd you get Fortune Teller in the mail?? Is there a site that you found it on? Or is it eBay? :D

Zeke said...

Nasty crocs! Now send me some purple stuff *demand* o.O

Lucy said...

The Crocs look comfy. I had a pair without the furry stuff. I wore them for a few months and then developed bad heel pain. It took a long while for it to go away. They're the only shoes I was wearing for awhile. I do have flat feet that pronate. So hopefully you won't have any problem. They were so darn comfy and pink! I did really like them. I had to give them away.

Lina-Elvira said...

MariahGem - I have a pal who sent me it from America, but I think they will probably pop up on eBay.. Everything always does! :)

Zeke - You're more demanding than my boss :P

Lucy - Sorry to hear that. I hope mine will be ok! If not I am sure I can find them a good home somewhere :)