Monday, 18 July 2011

NOTD: Minx "Pink Cheetah" with Rimmel 60sec "Funtime Fuchsia"

So I got tired of the wrinkly Kooky and removed it. Nothing wrong with the product, just my crappy application. I did however get a lot of 'wow, I love your nails!' today wherever I went. I guess it's the brightness of the gold that does it. Even nail 'muggles' love metallic nail wraps! The Dior guy even went and got his colleagues from the Chanel desk to show her my nails. She then mumbled 'I'm sorry but the A/W collection still isn't out yet' as she returned to her station (not that I am stalking the Chanel desk for "Peridot", or whatever, ahem...).

A tip for removing nail wraps such as Minx and Kooky: crank up the heat with your infrared lamp and be very slow peeling them off, or you will inevitably take off the top layer of the nail in places. Any sticky residue is quickly removed with some nail polish remover. But don't go so close to the bulb you feel it scalding...

I feel good about this manicure. The Minx definitely goes on easy, big, fat bandage on my thumb or not. I will change the nail polish for Thursday's Iron Maiden gig to Rimmel LycraPro "Urban Princess" as I think this polish will chip before Wednesday evening... Since I've rediscovered my stash of nail wraps I think I will start doing manis with a nail art ring finger for a while! I have some really cool ones I can't wait to try again.

Last but not least, here is some of this years potato crop! The white ones are "Rocket" and the pink ones are "Desiree". Yummy! :)


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