Friday, 29 July 2011

NOTD: MNY "669"

This is the other MNY polish I picked up from Asda! I was quite taken with the velvety finish so this is without MegaShine topcoat. It's a very cool colour; gunmetal grey with a hint of brown maybe?... This is 2 tricky coats - it applies like a matte polish so do not be tempted to go over the same area twice while wet or you will mess it up! The dry finish isn't entirely matte though, more satiny.

I am currently fairly preoccupied being on holiday and cat-sitting Mother-in-Laws cat who don't get on with my little furball and also keeping an eye on the little shrimp babies I got! It's not very restful so doing my nails was a treat today :)

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Cali369 said...

Oooh I didn't know they had these in Asda, I've only seen them in Germany, thanks for the tip!