Saturday, 16 July 2011

Kooky Nail Fashionistas

I promised some cool new stuff and here it is - Kooky Nail Fashionistas! I've been doing Minx for a couple of years now but these were new to me until they arrived in the mail from a fellow nail technician! I checked out the website and did some Googling, there appears to be some really cool designs including a gold/silver lightning one!

My cuticle I spoke about is definitely not good
- I have been prescribed antibiotics and Bactroban (topical antibiotic) and some seriously expensive dressings so here's hoping it clears up soon. It's still seriously sore to the point that I have to take painkillers and can't move my thumb or I cringe. I won't post any gross photos but just bear in mind if you get a swollen/inflamed cuticle, please see your doctor straight away. I was told I may have necrosis before it heals (gross!), scarring and possibly deformed nail at best and septicemia at worst so don't hesitate. So please excuse the crappy application - mobility is limited with a massive bandage on one's thumb...

The Kooky applies just like Minx - with infrared heat bulb. Don't faff about with hairdryers, you will get much better results with infrared. Make sure it is properly warmed and 'floppy' before you attach to the nail / remove from the nail. Prep of the nail is essential for extended wear, buff and smooth the nails and remove any odd bits of cuticle. It was so awkward to apply with the massive bandage while bending over so I decided to only put on the big toes. I will let you know how the wear goes! My Minx usually wears flawlessly on my feet until my nails grow out so much it looks ridiculous, so lets see how Kooky holds up!

This beauty is Spots Gold & Black #16611, the one behind it is Moon Purple & Gold #16625. I think I will put on the other one for Monday on my fingers and do a weeks wear-test! Spots Gold & Black reminds me of Droppen fishing lures I used to use to fish for perch when I was young! I used to love them and have been thinking of making them into earrings at Christmas when I go home :)

I am not entirely sure how you would order from the distributor as a non-trade person, but I intend to find out. If you're desperate, you can buy these from sellers on eBay but beware of illegal knock-offs, as with Minx and other big name brands.

Can't believe you made it all the way through that rant! :) As a bonus, now take a moment and check out Makeupmylack's awesome Half-Moon Mani!

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