Friday, 15 July 2011

Update on NOTD

I tried again to take a photo of Andrea Fulerton "Joanna" but it's still too red!! However, I found my review of Zoya "Gilda"; imagine a darker version of "Gilda" and you arrive at "Joanna". It has the same sparkly glassfleck finish as well!

I have something new and exciting planned for tomorrow, if the mailman delivers it to me today as he should. So check back over the weekend for something exciting!

And some bad news I have to moan about... I was helping out moving things from office to office when I trapped my right thumb between a PC base unit and a packing crate and pushed the cuticle right back. There was a split in the cuticle and a bit of blood but it looked ok. That was last Friday. It has progressively got more and more swollen and inflamed and today the cuticle is so tender and inflamed I've had to bandage the thumb up to prevent it being knocked... I hope it settles soon so I don't lose my nail :O

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