Sunday, 17 July 2011

NOTD: Kooky "Moon Purple & Gold"

Dear me, I struggled to put these on! Having my thumb still super-sore and icky and in bandaging didn't help! I have a strong C-curve in my nails so these took a couple of tries to put on right as you can see here... The trick is to heat them until completely 'floppy', then stretch and smooth more than you would when applying Minx, and this is tricky when you are applying on your own hands. With the wrinkles in these I don't think they would last long but we will see! At least I will know for next time how they differ to Minx during application. I apologise for the mess, but it's not so obvious further away :P

I love the gold and fuschia in these! The gold is so very bright and fresh. I hope it will last til Thursday when I am going to see Iron Maiden *rock ooooon!!* supported by Airbourne.

I'll keep you updated on these, and I will do a couple of reviews of other new things until I take these off next weekend!

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