Monday 1 August 2011

NOTD: Color Club "Revvvolution"

This is still one of the most unique polishes I have in my stash and it always surprises me how lovely it is whenever I put it on :) I've worn it before, and looking back on those older photos make me realise how long I've been blogging - coming up for 3,5 years and this will be my 587th post!

I've got some untried polishes bursting to get out of the drawers of the Helmer but I didn't feel like any of them :O Not even Misa "Krystal Water"! Something is drawing me back to the old, safe favourites just now... I must break out of this sentimental state...

Back to this gem of a polish. This is 1 perfect coat and no top coat. That's it! How could I resist it?

What's your favourite nail polish, and why??

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