Friday 20 February 2009

NOTD: Bloom "Bianca"

I can't believe someone in the industry actually for once listened to us nail polish lovers! :) Read the comments section here on my past post on Bloom nail polishes to find out what has been going on! Bloom's brand manager in the UK obviously thought I was right when I said "Bianca", "Goldie" and "Josephine" was totally hot and would sell, and now they've just been put up for sale in the UK! And they are DIVINE!! To my despair, "Goldie" was a total clash with my skintone already in the bottle, so I passed on it :(
I got them today, and they are already a hit on MUA too! This is seriously 3rd fave polish ever (Rimmel Camouflage and China Glaze Moonpool share #1, L'Oreal 330 is 2nd...) As mentioned in my other Bloom post, "Bianca" has hyperpigmentation, and a fantastic peacock duochrome effect. As Siobhan of The Nailphile put it "It's NYX Jungle on speed". It's perfect in two coats and dries quickly. It costs £8 but it is the best £8 you will have spent in a long time!! If you can, get it now. You will never regret it. This photo doesn't do it justice at all! I will try get better photos in the daylight tomorrow.

You can also look forward to seeing "Josephine" swatched soon, a truly glowing blue-purple metallic vamp!
Lina-Elvira Loves It Thiiiis Much:
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Anonymous said...

Another brand that I would never see in France is too unfair ...

Naila said...

Hello! I'm from Poland and I love color of Bloom Bianca. This nail polish isn't in my country. Do you know where I can buy it by paypal?
Bloom Bianca is so lovely..