Monday 16 February 2009


There is a story to be told here. I have a fave Ebay shop for nail polish, All Polished Up Nails. Lindsay who runs it is always really, really good; top notch stuff and swift delivery. And great prices and selection, not to mention those :) It's UK based, so postage is better than ordering from USA. Anyway, a while before Christmas I ranted to her in an Ebay communication that I would probably pay A LOT if she could get me China Glaze's Moonpool. As always she said she'd keep her eyes open... I had little hope, knowing that this is one of the items that sell for a fortune on Ebay and is what us nail fanatics is VHTF = Very Hard To Find.

Then out of the blue she emailed me and told me about an auction for Moonpool on Ebay US. She sent me the Ebay number and I went on to have a look. I go on Ebay a lot, but have given up searching for Moonpool (at reasonable prices), so I wasn't aware that there was an auction on for Moonpool. She told me the seller had previously listed Moonpool and it'd sold for about $10. Sweet! I swiftly went bidding.

The auction ended at 02.11am, UK time. I set an alarm to wake up for the end of the auction, and laid in my bed with my laptop and eagerly refreshed the selling page. And I won!! Paid a little bit more than $10 but hey, it still was worth it. Now I am sitting here gazing at the bottle in my office. I can't believe it. My biggest lemming ever has been satisfied. I will never need another nail polish. Until China Glaze Summer Days comes to All Polished Up Nails, of course :P

Isn't she a beauty?.. Who doesn't love Moonpool from China Glaze? OMG! It's a tie with Rimmel Play Fast "Camouflage" for Best Ever Nail Polish... This photo isn't very accurate, it it more vibrant grass green and sparkly in real life.

Thanks a million to Lindsay at All Polished Up Nails for once again providing service above and beyond expectations!!


Marie said...

Stort grattis, den är så sjukt jäkla snygg! Har den inte själv och är dessutom snål, men jag tittar alltid efter värdiga dupes! Moooooooonpooooooool..! ;D

Lucy said...

Congrats! I love the color also. I've never bought anything from Ebay.

Lina-Elvira said...

Marie - tack den är sjukt snygg :) Hade id'en att den liknade Zoya irene men det gör den inte :(

Lucy - Thank you :) Its all about finding the right seller on ebay and it's fine to buy from there. Its the only place for me to find China Glaze and Zoya.

Anonymous said...

Moonpool is my all time favorite polish, hands down! It looks lovely on you!