Wednesday 28 September 2016

FACE-OFF (or ON?): Drugstore foundations!

I've acquired some new foundations in the last few months and some you've already seen. I realised today that I now have so many un-reviewed ones that it was probably best to do a 'face-off' instead of doing separate posts (which other bloggers have done masterfully already). So here is a low-down on some recent high street/drugstore foundation releases and how I got on with them!

I will say straight off neither of these have had much 'face time' as I didn't particularly love any of them, and therefore I never reviewed most of these properly.

L'Oreal Infallible Matte
Hmmm not sure about this one but a lot of bloggers love it? I must say I found it highly mattifying and long wearing, but the shades were just a bit all over the place for me and I couldn't get a perfect match. Not very pore blurring, and it did cling to some dry bits on my face. I struggled to apply this, it was streaky with a brush and looked dodgy with large pores if I used the Beauty Blender..

Bourjois Air Mat
Hell no. I wore this once, then it shipped off to a palefaced friend. It was horrible on pores for me (they looked like craters), and very drying. And even in the middle shade it is very, very pale.

Maybelline Dream Velvet
I can't begin to tell you how much I hated this at first. Then I realised how to apply it. Using the flat side of the original Real Techniques blending sponge, swipe it on, don't dab. It then glides on nicely and doesn't settle in pores. And speaking of this makeup sponge, how pissed off was the beauty world when it's creators used said sponge in this way?? :) Hilarious. Anyway, would likely also work well with any old skool flat makeup sponge/wedges (don't bother with the stupid applicator Maybelline released to accompany this foundation). Wear time was about 5-6 hours before I started to look a bit dry and patchy.

Rimmel #Insta Flawless
Extremely light coverage, if any. Slight pore blur, but generally this was a waste of time for me. Only comes in two colours as well. More on it in this post here.

L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion
Not too bad! Very dewy, light coverage in a novel compact with a sponge. I apply this with a Beauty Blender, not the sponge it comes with. Looks nice on older, drier skin, and wear time was about 6 hours before it kind of just disappeared. Don't bother with this is you have normal/combination or indeed oily skin as it has a super dewy finish. More on it here.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless
Had such high hopes for this after lots of positive reviews... This was very drying and clung hard to any flaky bits on my face no matter what I did. I think this is definitely not for anyone with a hint of dryness. And it's not really poreless. In fact, I couldn't see any pore coverage at all. Poor shade selection too - I used the darkest shade they do in the UK at the moment, 230 Natural Buff, and it was still quite pale on my tanned face...

Have you got any favourite new drugstore releases that I should try??

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