Monday 26 September 2016

XMAS: Some gift sets you can get now!

Yeah I know, I hate myself for posting this when it's 3 months til Xmas but you know what, Xmas gift sets or not, these will be useful. You can get both of these in Boots, right now.

Real Techniques has always been a fave for brushes for me - I love the Expert Face Brush, the blush, powder and setting brush; I use them almost every day. When I saw this set, I was like, yes, I think for £25 I need that. That's £6.25 per brush! Considering their Bold Metals range start at £12 each, that's a bargain and a half if I ever saw one. And everyone needs good eye shadow brushes. It won't be £25 for long though, so if you see it, grab it! At some point in October these will start selling for £40, or so the sign said. They also have a face set but seeing as I have enough face brushes to paint a whole house, I passed on those...

Sleek is one of those hidden high street heroes. I highly recommend this matte liquid lipstick kit in half sizes for £5, and they also have a set with a matte liquid lipstick and the coveted 'Solstice' highlighting palette for £10. How can you go wrong??

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