Thursday 5 February 2009

OOH WHAT'S THIS... : Karpati Dito Nail Polish

I was just surfing the internet one night when I stumbled across this innovation! Apparently, its a 3 Free nail polish in a bottle you put between your fingers to keep it handy when you paint your nails. Clever! No reviews of this on MUA. I immediately saw an opening to be the first to review this brand.

Colour I got was called "Crispy Apple", apparently part of the Refract collection described as "a shimmering, glittering range of colours". The colour selection is pretty good, but sadly, no greens. I avoided the blues cause I have a load of them already, but then again I got about a million reds :P This colour is gold-shimmering bright red, very summery and looks fresh, like a nice Red Delicious apple :)
I have to say, the bottle is ok, it's the "bottle top" and the brush that's the problem. Only one word for it, awkward. My boyfriend snapped a pic of me applying it, as you can see. It's not easier than a normal bottle, quite the opposite. But the formula is great. Flows on smoothly and opaque in 2 coats, and dries lightning fast. Dries nice and glossy but I am addicted to my Poshe quick dry T/C :P
Overall a great polish in an awkward bottle. Suppose any sales quip is needed nowadays to stand out on the market, but the label should go to normal bottles and just sell it that way as it has a a fantastic formula and a great colour selection, the photo doesn't do this colour justice, it just glimmers :)


Michelle said...

I agree the color looks very pretty!! But yeah, that is definitely a bottle design FAIL ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I found it strange that you guys don't like the design, I thought that was pretty nifty and practical! I personally LOVE it!
You know Lina, in the pharmacy where I bought mine, they were also selling the exact same range/colour but in classic bottles! Maybe you should look into that if you like the formula/colour??!!