Monday 9 February 2009

Foot Spa!

Check out my new foot spa! :) I fractured my right foot all the way back in October. I am still suffering badly, especially now in the freezing cold. I am now in between x-rays taken and doctor's final verdict at the moment. You can hardly see the bruising cause there is so much bubbles from this machine, but its right on top of my right foot... :( It's really sore, only thing that soothes it is heat. So I got myself a foot spa with infrared heat and massage. The glowing red light is the infraheat pad. I have really small feet so I can put almost the whole of my foot on the heat pad, and it gets awesomely hot and soothes the pain deep inside the foot. Aaaaaahh... The massage mode is noisy and the bubbles are messy but it all adds up to one sweet machine for sore feet! :)

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