Wednesday 4 February 2009

IN TODAY'S POST: Fyrinnae Eyeshadows

From top left: Lip Lustre Glitter Kittiez, City Glam: Lights of Auckland, Happy Fun Pink, Meerkat, Sunrise, Sake & Sashimi, Boytoy, Arcane Magic: Dragonmagic, Leif, Visage, Biker Chic, Digital Faerie, Arcane Magic: Wizard's Apprentice

It's finally arrived! Although I must say I haven't waited as long as some other girls have; I ordered mine on the 13th January, so just about 3 weeks. After sitting all day staring at the parcel afraid to open it in case something spilled out, I finally finished work and could go home and open it. The sample jars themselves look great, I will definitely be re-using them once they're empty for nail art stones and various product testers.


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