Wednesday 19 November 2008

Today's Mailbag - Maybelline "93 Electric Apple"

As I returned to work today after my time off sick at the start of the week, I had a nice harvest of parcels waiting for me at my desk. All but one was Christmas presents since I have decided I hate the high street rush at this time of year and will never go Christmas shopping in town ever again, I now buy every present online. Anyway, I digress. One parcel had a quite rare and discontinued Maybelline polish called "Electric Apple". In the eBay post it looked sort of lime green, but its better than that in real life :) It is a shimmer polish with the colour of a nice and tart Granny Smith apple. I like this! I forgot my memory stick at home so you won't see my NOTD til tonight - it's the awesome sparkletastic pink L'Oreal polish 303, rare and discontinued. If someone can suggest dupes for it let me know :)

An update on the Lancome Le Magnetique - my friend managed to score a bottle for me too, so I will soon be able to sit at my table, painting my nails with it and saying "My preciousss" like a crazy lady :)

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