Tuesday 25 November 2008

Pretty Perfect Beauty 100th Post!

What to write for my 100th post?? :) First off, I'd like to thank everyone that reads the blog for doing so! Every comment I get is exciting :)

Then I thought that I would give a run of my 10 all-time favourite products for you all, in no particular order :)

CND Solar Oil
This is my favourite cuticle oil, moisturises a treat and smells like marzipan! And it comes in balm form for putting in your handbag too.

MOP Pear Shampoo, Detangler and Body Wash
Smells of juicy pears and is so gentle! My fine, Swedish blonde mane loves the shampoo and detangler and my skin isn't angry and dry after my morning shower using the body wash. Apparently there used to be a lotion as well but it has been discontinued :(

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream
This all natural face cream is incredible. It goes on so easy and it keeps you hydrated all day even in icy winds and snow. Pair it with their Rosehip oil and you will start to see the best skin you have ever had after a few weeks!

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil
Removes all traces of makeup and grime in one fell swoop. Won't dry or over-grease your skin either.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
Smells of coconut and makes me feel more like I am in a tropical paradise somewhere than dreary Britain. I use this as a body moisturiser, hand cream, dry patch reliever and funnily enough, split end mender.

BedHead Superstar Blow Dry Lotion
Actually works! Work a bit of this bubblegum-scented stuff onto your roots, blowdry and get massive hair worthy of a 80's "Dallas" characters.

Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Skin Wash
It gives your skin a tingling sensation and it smells medicinal from the high tea tree content. And this is the spot-fighting wash of the century! I rely on this stuff to clean my face because its antibacterial, non-drying and doesn't aggravate my already angry skin :)

Eucerin Cream
This is a rich, clinical smelling cream. I have seen Eucerin sold in the UK but this jar of cream I can only get in Sweden. I use it for everything - winter face, hands, dry patches, lips, feet. I love it!

China Glaze Nail Polish
I am loving China Glaze - they have some fantastic colours just now, and more lovelies to come this Spring and Summer :)

Chagrin Valley Soaps
The handmade, all natural soaps from Chagrin Valley in the US are fantastic. I have quite a selection of these and they are all mild and smell lovely of the natural essential oils in them. And I like the fact they are a small family-run company, makes them extra-special!


nina said...
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nina said...

Congratulations on your 100th blog! This is a fabulous list of beauty products with a lot of information here. Perhaps you could give them a star rating out of 5. I agree with the Australian Bodycare Skin Wash entry and find this to be a great product too, similarly to the Tea Tree Oil itself.