Friday 14 November 2008

NOTD - Sparitual "Epicurean" with "Stiletto"

I have seen this kind of use of duo colours on the ring finger a lot lately, so decided to try it. It seems like a fun way to wear more of your nail polish colours :) I used "Epicurean" on all the fingers apart from my ring fingers where I put "Stiletto".

Both polishes apply nicely with decent, but not amazing drying time. I really like the rubber bottle top on these bottles, I wish all bottles were like that :)

"Epicurean" is a really dark maroon shimmer. From a distance and in some lights it looks like a vampy creme, but when the sun hits it, it glows like lava from the inside - amazing!! You can see a bit of this effect on my pinkie, whereas the index finger shows the creme finish. I like! :)

But I have to say, I don't like the colour of "Stiletto". Its a shimmery red, but it lacks the pizzazz of similar red shimmers such as OPI "No autographs, please". It just looks a bit, I don't know, flat.

The colours work well together though, and I really like this mani. I will be trying more combo's over the weekend :) I am hoping also to be able to post a few reviews I have been working on a while, so check back over the weekend :)

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