Tuesday 4 November 2008

LOTD - MAC Lipglass "Russian Red"

I set a little challenge for the ladies at work to wear red lipstick. You wouldn't believe how many said they "didn't suit it" or plain "could never wear it"! Guess red lips is not for everyone! :) As a hardened red lips enthusiast, my current favourite is MAC Lipglass "Russian Red", a fire engine red creme lipgloss. It is not for the fainthearted! You won't fool anyone with a no-makeup look if you are sporting this baby! It is slightly tacky to the touch, and hence lasted me through most of the morning at work. It's not as long lasting as my new baby from Maybelline, the SuperStay PowerGloss, but it's still such a lovely gloss it deserves 4 of 5 stars, if for nothing else it's show-stopping redness :)
If you want to try the red look but is unsure how to do it, go to Rocketqueen's superb guide on the matter!
Sorry for the photo, but I just can't do pics of lipgloss on my lips. It just doesn't come out right, ever. If anyone has any good tips on photographing lipgloss while it's actually on the lips, let me know.

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