Friday 7 November 2008

NOTD That Was Over-Ruled - Rimmel 60sec "730 Silver Bullet"

I bought this last night and thought I'd try it the same day. However, as soon as it was finished, it came right off again to make way for a layering experiment (see the next post).

"Silver Bullet" despite its name is not a silver but a white pearl. It's a royal PITA to apply, very streaky and it lifts off the polish if you go over the same place twice. This is 3 layers... (the bubbles are not from the polish but from my crappy base coat application). But it's an eye-popping white pearl.

I will probably use this for snazzy French manicures, or for layering, but I can't live with its streaky white coldness in the winter. Maybe on toes for the summer when I'm tanned... Dries lightning fast though, and for the price you pay it's just something different to add to my collection :)

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