Thursday 27 November 2008

Review - Originails BubbleWhite

OK so like most girls who love weird and dark nail polish, my nails are yellowy from years of abuse. I decided that I needed to try nail whitening treatments. After some research, I got a sachet of Originails BubbleWhite from Sally's. Claims to whiten, brighten and clean nails in 5 minutes. No peroxides in the ingredients list, so I thought OK, at least if it doesn't work it doesn't have bleach in it anyway to damage my "babies".

BubbleWhite is an effervescent treatment, although the fizziness doesn't last more than about 20 seconds once its in the bowl of water. It smells kind of like a perfumed swimming pool; like the manufacturer tried to cover the smell of chemicals with perfumes :( I started the timer on 5 minutes and got my S-O to take some pictures while I soaked my fingers.

After 5 minutes I washed my hands as instructed. The result? I think you can see from my pics for yourself :( I was kind of hoping for amazing whiteness like you'd get with optical brightening polish but no such luck. The free edge is whiter, and the whole nail looks a bit less yellow but I wouldn't say it amazingly whitened my nails. I still could not get away with sheer polishes. So all in all, I give BubbleWhite 2 of 5 stars, as it smells terrible and doesn't actually work very well with just one treatment. I guess you need repeated treatments for any significant effect. Oh well. For £1.50 it was worth a try! :) I've still got two more sachets coming in the post (maybe, as it seems parcel has got lost...) so will try them as well to see if it makes a difference.

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