Tuesday, 10 December 2013

XMAS NOTD #3: OPI "Jade is the new black" with Isadora Holographic "Glowing Beetle"

So, the Topshop flaked off. I'm not joking. It did. Big, huge flakes. One is still stuck under my work keyboard...

But lucky for me, a HUGE xmas parcel arrive from my folks today with lots of cool things from Sweden :) Including two new Isadora holographic polishes with matching Peel Off Base Coat and a snazzy pair of outdoor mittens. Anyway, I chose this combo to cheer me up. And it did until I saw the photos. They are all crap?? The camera just doesn't capture the fantastic sparkle from this polish! "Glowing Beetle" is a mix of green small glitter with large square holographic glitters in a clear base. OMG. It's amazing!! I will try and maybe get a video of it in daylight instead of these crappy photos.

I used 2 coats of polish here, apart from my accent nail where I used 1 coat of "Jade is the new black" and 2 coats of "Glowing Beetle". I smothered the lot in MegaShine top coat and now I'm gonna watch 'South Park' with some Swedish sweets :)

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