Thursday 5 December 2013

GUEST REVIEW: Bleach London 'Bruised Violet'

Lina-Elvira sez.. my fave Zombie-Bunny has a little review for you all of something exciting I wish I could try too!

So my dear and most awesome friend Lina-Elvira bought me this fabulous feast for the eyes hair colour. And as usual she asked me to write a short review of it for the trouble... Nothing is just a gift with her ;)

First off I have to say it smells quite lovely, and that is coming from someone who is allergic to most perfumes and such. The cream is easy to apply and does not drip at all. It says in the instructions to leave it in for about 15 minutes, but I would say at least double the amount of time is needed for a deeper colour. Bleaching your hair, if not blonde to begin with, is a must if you want to fully take advantage of these stand-out colours. I double-bleached mine the day before I coloured it with my 'Bruised Violet'.

It turned out a really nice and dark violet on my hair and I love it! After a couple of washes it fades pretty quickly and after four washes it has turned more teal than violet (the colours are hard to show in pictures). Since I only decided to colour parts of my hair, the bottle will last me three to four times. One bottle for semi-long hair would suffice I think, but I can't say for sure. The cream covers my hair perfectly and I have very fine Scandinavian hair which is hard to colour thoroughly with most cream colours.

I really like this stuff!

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