Sunday 29 December 2013

Recent NOTDs

So I have been playing far to much Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim over the holidays to keep up with blogging but I have been painting my nails, honest! First up is the manicure I sported for Xmas Day and the Boxing Day blood donation/sales (I usually do both!). It's Maybelline ColorShow Brocades "Rosy Rosettes".

Such a shit name; should have been something like "Mrs Clause's Drawers" or something, that would at least be funny... Anyway it's amazing in real life, soooo sparkly :) This is 2 coats with MegaShine. It already chipped on Xmas Day but  wasn't so bad for Boxing Day. However whilst watching Robocop (the original!) at night, two huge chips came off. I spent the next morning trying to soak it off... You'd think something that chips so easily would be easy to remove but nooooo.

And in the sales I scored two OPIs in John Lewis - they are having a mega-sale on their OPIs just now - £5.75 for most colours!! That's on par with trade prices :) Leads me to believe they are not going to stock OPI any more though.... Anyway, I picked up two super glitters, this one and "When Monkey's Fly".

I decided to do my main mani as Bloom "Molly" cause.. I love it?.. This is 3 coats to bring out the depth of the duochrome. "I Snow You Love Me" is a painstaking polish to apply - you're better off picking out the glitters with a toothpick... Oh well, for £5.75 I ain't complaining!!

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