Tuesday, 22 May 2012

NOTD: imPRESS "Over the moon"

I've been ogling these in Boots for a while, so I spent some Boots Advantage Points on them...The pattern and colours in this set are tropically hot, just like the weather in Aberdeen today B-)

You can see application videos on the Broadway Nails website for these, amongst a few glitzy Nicole Scherzinger promo videos...

I won't repeat the instructions for the application (it's easy, I put these on within 10mins) but I will give you a few practical tips. Before you put these on, you will need to cut your nails short! These press-on nails are on the short side for falsies. The only other real fitting issue I had was my irregular-shaped left thumb nail, where I have lifting already and I will have to bring spare nails to work tomorrow as I predict it will ping off. These are also on the thick side, so up close, noone will be fooled that these are anything but press-on nails. And I can't see that the glue-less finish will last beyond a shower and a day at the office typing. But the patterns are so hot, and the application so easy, I probably won't mind :) It's now up to imPRESS to impress me and turn me from sceptic to convert!

The packaging for these is cute bur fairly unecessary. I would never see press-ons as a replacement for polish no matter if they put it in a nail polish bottle packaging or not. The reason being they just don't look as clean and natural as a painted nail. They rarely last longer than polish either.

The price is the only real problem I have with the imPRESS Press-On Manicure. I DON'T think any press-ons are worth the £8.99 these are selling for. If you want them to sell, put the price down at least a couple of quid!

This is the manicure before I'd filed it to shape - it advises you wait at least 30mins before doing that so I've not had time to do that yet. But at least you will see how it is 'straight out of the box'. I will let you know how the shaping, wear and removal goes! :)


Emma said...

Waaaaaaa these make my eyes go crazy! But I LOVE them! They are so hot! I agree with you on the pricing front, many a time I have walked past and walked past again gazing wistfully at them but I really can't spend that much on falsies, I'm dreadful for picking at false nails until they fall off, lol! It'll be interesting to see if they last :D xxxx

Lina-Elvira said...

They did last but that free edge around the side grrrrr.... :) But for a special occasion, I totally would again!