Thursday, 3 May 2012

NOTD: China Glaze "Orange Marmalade"

I got myself some tropical print leggings for keeping me sane at work tomorrow, and I needed a sparkling manicure to match so I chose "Orange Marmalade"! It's also a sneaky way to try out Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover on a glitter without going "full-glitter". Technically this is a glass fleck but can also be a bit trying to remove, just like glitter so it's a good starting point. If it's successful my next manicure will be Zoya Ultra-Glitter "Astra"!

This is 3 thinnish coats with a coat of MegaShine. It's quite sheer - you still have VNL after 3 coats. It's usually quite tacky for a while - I'll need to stay up for another 3 hrs to get it to harden sufficiently to avoid sheet marks... The other polishes from the Summer Days collection are the same for me, so I guess it must be something in the formula. But I don't care they are all so lovely and mega-sparkly :)


Emma said...

:O this is soo pretty! I never know which one I want more, this one or Riveting. I only have Strawberry Fields from the Summer Days collection but I have the same problem with it being tacky! Must be the formula. Aaahh I love this so much! Can't beat a good orange glass-fleck! xx

Sakura Dawning said...

Yay for glitter tests! Though I still haven't seen the remover, despite trying 4 different shops.

I have Model's Own Zest - A - Peal to try, that's a rather juicy looking orange too!