Tuesday, 15 May 2012

NOTD: Marks & Spencer "Lilac"

I'm miffed that the photos all come out so crap for this mani!! :( There is an intense gold shimmer, almost glassfleck, in a lilac shimmer base colour in this polish that doesn't come across in my photos. This is the most accurate photo of them all. This is 2 coats and MegaShine top coat. I love how it looks, very unusual. I don't think I have anything like this before. Now, a green version of this would be awesome :)

I was actually going to do a Diablo 3 manicure to celebrate it's anticipated release today but buggered up the nail art so I will put that on hold until I get hold of the game itself. Supposedly I should have it by Saturday. Yeah, I was 'hardcore' and didn't pre-order, so I couldn't get a copy today unless I pay the actual Blizzard download price of £44.99 which frankly takes the piss especially since the initial feedback is that there is no room on the game servers. Oops. Big boo-boo, Blizzard! Anyway, enough geekery. Hopefully my Sunday will be all day in my pants and t-shirt playing my most hotly anticipated PC game since "Rage"... :D

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Sakura Dawning said...

I have this! I also got the blue with silver shimmer, Cappuchino, and the Bronzed Goddess Set. I took advantage of the 25% off! They're lovely colours, and very reasonably priced.