Tuesday 8 May 2012

NOTD: Marks & Spencer Limited Collection "Slate Blue"

I went to Marks & Spencer hunting for a gorgeous polish that Emma from Imagination in colour showed on her blog called "Lilac" after work. Not only did I come out with "Lilac", I also came out with "Slate Blue"... It's a grey-blue with a slightly silver-ish glassfleck glitter. I don't own anything like it! This should be called something like "Storm-cloud with a silver lining" cause that's how it makes me feel - unexpectedly happy :D

This is 3 coats and MegaShine. It's a bit of work to get right; the formula is a bit thick with all the dense glassfleck. Therefor I put on 3 coats to even out some slightly bald bits. This is going to be hell to take off so perfect for putting the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover to the ultimate test :D

I love how something so small can make you feel so happy :)

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Emma said...

Woohoo! I picked this one up too but have yet to try it :P it looks amazing on you! Super excited to give it a whirl now :) thank you sooo much for linking my blog, aren't you lovely :) Marks and Spencer are spoiling us with nice polishes! :D xxx