Sunday 30 May 2010

NOTD: Avon ColorTrend "Refreshing Pear"

This is one of the new Ice Sheer nail polishes from Avon. I didn't realise these were scented until I was casually examining the box between coats! These are not as strongly scented as the Revlons from last year but it has a very nice subtle fruit scent! I am a sucker for scented nail polish; brings me right back to the late 80s when I got some of my first ever polishes (and I still have and use most of the today!).

This is 3 coats, unsurprising considering the name! No top coat, it dried fairly quick anyway (I was preparing strawberries within 20 mins).

That reminds me; I also bought the whole Footworks Cherry Ice foot care collection from Avon recently , and it's lovely! :) First I soaked my feet in hot water, then I scrubbed them with the Exfoliating Scrub, soaked them some more til the water was lukewarm. I dried off and massaged in the Moisturising Lotion and finished with a spritz of the Cooling Foot Spray. It made my neglected little tootsies smooth and soft and it smells divine!

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jaljen said...

I like the bottle. ;o)