Wednesday 19 May 2010

NOTD: Rimmel 60sec "Black Out" with Topshop Matte Top Coat

I fancied a matte black for my outfit tomorrow. This is my fave black polish, opaque-ish enough in one quick-dry coat for layering with other polishes such as my Nfu-Oh's. This is two smooth coats of "Black Out" with a slick of the new Topshop Matte Top Coat. More satin than matte, I think but still fantastic.

Terribly sorry for the messy application. The colour and formula is fantastic on this polish, but the brush is a bloody disaster!! Mine is splayed and the rogue straws makes a right mess around my nails when applying it... I have tried trimming with scissor but it keeps splaying out. One day I will get another bottle and hope the brush is better on that :) Nevermind I will pick it off after my shower tomorrow... :)


Rach G said...

Ooh, my inner goth loves that!

Zeke must have this said...

WANT!!!! o.O Soooooo awesome!

jaljen said...

I scratch polish off with scissors. is that wrong?

That satin-effect is better than boring old black, for sure!