Monday 10 May 2010

FOTD: Creamy nudes

I tried my new Topshop Skin Tint today. I chose the "Light" shade. It is a sheer base so doesn't give an opaque coverage, but it felt very moisturising. You only need a small pump from the tube to do the whole face. Was a bit greasy after a whole day, so perhaps might dust it down with my BareMinerals Mineral Veil to set it tomorrow.

Was a bit over-zealous with the Tint though, so my cheeks are a bit "glowy", ahem... It lasts very well, a bit too well - I can still see the Tint after taking my makeup off. I may just stick to doing the lips where it lasts very well!

For my eyes I chose the Isadora eye shadow palette "59 Creamy Nudes", it's a lovely palette with 5 matte, silky nudes. Thank you, Mum! Applying them over BareMinerals Eye Primer makes them look freshly applied even 10hrs later after a long day at work, a walk home in the occasional sleet shower and a trip to score a new dining table! :)

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Velvet said...

Hi Lina-Elvira. I like this make up look,very natural.