Tuesday 15 March 2016

REVIEW: Rimmel Kate Sculpting Kit "Coral Glow"

From L to R: Blush, bronzer and highlighter

From L to R: Blush, bronzer, highlighter
I love how I refuse to do the whole contouring thing but have collected a few of the high street contouring palettes. More on that in another post... :)

I saw this in Superdrug the other day and thought 'oh shiny and new and not expensive' so bought it. The shades are so pretty, but really far too light for my skin (I am a MAC NW25/30)! I am at my palest on the inside of my arm and you can see the colours are very natural but pale. All the shades are shimmery but not glittery; the blush and bronzer are more glowy than shimmery.

It won't give a full on contour on my skin; the bronzer just isn't dark enough. But it will do a lovely 'sun stripping' (if you're into that)!

The kit comes in two shades in the UK, this one which is "002 Coral Glow" and a darker version called "003 Golden Bronze". I could only see "Coral Glow" in my Superdrug but if I see the other one I will likely get that. This baby will be shipped off to my friend who has pale as snow skin! :)

It is a teensy bit more powdery than my beloved Collection #BlushAndGlow palette but not chalky. There is slight kick back from the powder when using synthetic brushes but didn't notice any of that with a natural hair brush. It has a sturdy plastic case so you could probably put this in your handbag for touch ups without too much worry (I am not a toucher-upper so I can't vouch for this). Also of course good if you are travelling as you will have a blush, bronzer and highlight all in one palette!

Overall I give it 3.5 out of 5, it's a decent product for £6.99 and well worth trying if you are very very fair!

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