Tuesday 29 March 2016

BEAUTY LAB: High street contouring kits

I am not a lover of the hard core contouring/sculpting trend that's sweeping the world of beauty.  I ain't fooling no one I got chiseled cheeks by slapping on some brown and shimmery powder in certain places. I like a bronzer to do just that, bronze... Not make some weird brown patch of dirt on my face where I supposedly have a chiseled cheek. Cuz, yeah, that's what it looks like ya'll. Leave the Kardashian look for the Kardashians...

That doesn't mean I've not fallen prey to the palettes. Or the lighter touch of contouring. Because I have. I first bought the Makeup Revolution palette last year, then I got the Collection one. And now, the Rimmel one. Note that they are all under a fiver. Because I believe in the high street!

Anyway. Are they actually any good? Let me give you the low-down.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Blush, Bronze and Brighten "Rave"
Makeup Revolution Iconic Blush, Bronze and Brighten in "Rave" - £4
Bronzer is matte, the highlighter and blush have a fine milled shimmer. This is definitely the wrong colours for me. I had to buy this online so relying on online swatches can be sketchy. The bronzer is quite light but it's also very warm toned, in the wrong way. Make me look a bit weird if I try to contour with this bronzer. The blush and the highlighter in this palette however are gorgeous, but I've never used the bronzer again. The powders are finely milled and soft with decent pigmentation. There are four colour ways for this palette I think, so something for everyone. I don't think I will repurchase however as the bronzer isn't the right shade for me. The packaging is good, looks chic and it comes with a mirror.

Best feature? The packaging and the texture of the powders!
Worst no-no? The bronzer shade

Collection #BlushAndGlow
Collection #BlushAndGlow - £4.99
Bronzer and the blush underneath it are matte, the highlighter and the other blush are shimmery. I've used this to death, this is my second one!! All the shades just suit me so well! If you are not fair or Scandinavian colouring, you may not be so lucky as it only comes in set of shades. The powders are soft and pigmented. The only thing I don't like about this is the cardboard packaging; it's quite flimsy and looks cheap with it's plastic film see-thru lid... You can read my full review here. I will buy this again but would definitely love it even more if they put into a plastic packaging?!

Best feature? The colours and the texture of the powders!
Worst no-no? The packaging...

Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palette "Coral Glow"
Rimmel Kate Sculpting Palette in "002 Coral Glow" - £4.99
Bronzer and blush have a very fine shimmer, highlighter has both shimmer and fine glitter. The shimmer in these powders is not glittery - the bronzer and blush are more glowy than shimmery. You can definitely still contour with this if you are fair! In the US these come in three shades but the UK only has two? Powders are a bit more dusty than the other two palettes - there is some kick back when you apply these. The packaging is nice, albeit it does not have a mirror and is a bit less sturdy that the Makeup Revolution one.

Best feature? The packaging
Worst no-no? The slightly too powdery texture

There is a much hyped Maybelline sculpting trio in the US, MasterContour Pro Palette, however it doesn't seem to have made it over here? It is supposedly very good. Maybe there will be space for one more palette in my collection when it comes out :)

Have you tried any of these - what did you think? Do you have a fave sculpting/contouring palette?

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Cali369 said...

I think I'm probably similar colouring to you, I'm not Scandinavian but blonde(ish) hair, pale skin and blue eyes so definitely fair, so the Collection option looks very interesting